Dipika Patel

Patel Family Office

Dipika Patel is a dynamic individual, a global businesswoman, philanthropist, impact investor, and entrepreneur. With over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry, finance, and global capital markets. She has a strong background in real estate, developing, managing, and operating assets worth over $2 billion.

Dipika’s multilingual abilities and business experience extend to Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Finance from the Business School of Manchester, UK, an MBA in Business Management from NYU, New York, and a Six Sigma Black Belt from Jack Welsch GE School of Academy making her educationally well-rounded.

Dipika also spent a decade on Wall Street working at major investment banks, Merrill Lynch, Bank Of America, and Citigroup before setting up her own investment company, Hayden Holdings.

Over the past ten years, Dipika has identified and managed investment opportunities in multifamily, land holdings, and hotels within the real estate vertical. She has invested in over 50 fintech, healthcare, and blockchain companies, that are predominantly founded by female entrepreneurs and manages her own trade finance company. Her contribution to the business world is evident, making her a true powerhouse.

As the chairwoman of the Patel Family Office, Dipika continues to make a positive impact on the business world, particularly in women’s empowerment. Being a passionate advocate for women’s participation in the business and finance world, she believes that women play a critical role in society’s progress, and her mission is to mentor and support women entrepreneurs and professionals in leadership positions in finance, technology, innovation, and real estate.

In Dipika's opinion, women possess a distinctive set of skills, perspectives, and experiences that can immensely benefit any organization.

Women’s diversity in the workplace can lead to a wider range of ideas and perspectives, creating inclusivity and better serving diverse customers. Their excellent communication and relationship-building skills can foster effective teamwork and better outcomes. Women bring a unique perspective to problem-solving and can offer innovative solutions, particularly in rapidly evolving industries that require fresh thinking.

As women take on more leadership roles, their inclusive leadership styles can motivate and engage the workforce. Dipika holds that women’s emotional intelligence skills enable them to read and respond to others’ emotions, leading to an empathetic and supportive work environment that enhances morale and productivity. To sum up, Dipika suggests that valuing and leveraging women’s strengths can lead to a diverse, innovative, and effective workforce for any organization.