Dr. Ahmed Mansour

Group CEO
Private Department of H.E. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Khalid Al Nahyan

In 2023, and after the milestone achievements of his role with in the Group and the massive success in the debut issuance of the Private department’s Sukuk in the Debt Capital Markets, Dr. Mansour has been assigned to lead the Private Department of H.H.Sh. Mohamed Bin Khalid Al Nahyan as Group CEO.

Dr. Ahmed Mansour is President of Profit Consultancy, A group of financial services. He serves as Chief Advisor at Ajia Holding A multinational investment and asset management institution.

Dr. Mansour Holds a Doctorate Degree in Global Economic and Doctorate Degree in Finance & Investment.

Dr. Mansour has been Selected on 2019 to lead A US$ 3 Billion Capital Markets Programs issues as part of the strategic investment and growth plan of The Private Department of H.H.SH. Mohamed Bin Khalid Al Nahyan, the largest portfolio of a real estate developer in Abu Dhabi, and acting as Chief Investment & Strategy Officer, a Board advisor and investment committee member within the organization.

In 2021 Dr. Mansour has served as a chief advisor of the board in Aafaq Islamic finance, A top ranking islamic finance institution in the UAE.

Dr. Mansour formerly serves as Partner & CEO of CIH Investment Holding (2017-Present), and President & CEO of Profit Consultancy. the group of financial services located in UAE, Egypt, UK and Singapore (2012-Present). A general Manager of EIG Investment.

Before coming to the current roles in Aafaq Islamic, The Private Department, CIH, Profit Group and EIG, Dr. Mansour was a Regional Group CFO at VIC group, having spent 7 years at the regional offices in UAE, Qatar and Iraq where he rose to Deputy Director.

Dr. Mansour has Succeeded widely on raising funds and restructuring debt to a wide number of international projects and corporate organizations.

Dr. Mansour has published his financial topics on his facebook page widely to serve all economic and financial markets. working in references with a wide global economic, investment and financial organizations.

In 2024, Dr. Mansour has been elected as a board member in Aafaq Islamic finance.