Dr Wei Pang Bennett

Chief Risk Officer
China Construction Bank

Wei Bennett is the Deputy General Manager and Chief Risk Officer at the China Construction Bank London Branch (CCBLB). She is responsible for the Risk Management and Compliance functions, providing oversight of the firm’s spectrum of risk-taking activities encompassing financial risks including credit, market, country, as well as other core risks including operational, climate, compliance, conduct, legal and reputation risk, with controls and governance established for each area as appropriate.Wei also led the CCBLB’s Culture & Change Programme in delivering robust culture, conduct and governance at the bank.

Prior to CCBLB, Wei worked at Bank of England (“BoE”) for 10 years across risk management & regulatory supervision areas. During this time, Wei led teams responsible for supervision of financial institutions operating in the UK, including some of the largest asset management and insurance firms. She also led development of the Bank of England’s Capital Management Model and Framework, in collaboration with the HM Treasury. Wei was a key contributor to the development and implementation of the BoE strategic plan to promote the Sino-UK engagement and cooperation in financial markets and financial regulation, including delivery of the PBOC-BoE joint Symposium during the 10th UK-China Economic and Financial Dialogue (“EFD”) in 2019.

Wei has a PhD in Economics and is a qualified Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). Wei has a number of publications in leading journals on economic and financial impact of uncertainty. Wei’s current interests include Green Finance and Data Analytical in risk management.