Lakshmi Narayanan

Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute

Professional Overview

Lakshmi Narayanan, an Indo-American professional based in Texas, United States, stands out as a globally recognized business leader, visionary impact investor, and serial entrepreneur.

His strategic vision and problem-solving skills have been instru­mental in his success in the fields of tech startups, fintech, digital assets, real estate, specialized healthcare, and more.

Investment Expertise

Over the past 18 years, Narayanan has invested in over 100 tech companies across India, North America, the GCC, and South America, showcasing his expertise and commitment to fostering innovation on a global scale. 

His role as a strategic investor has been pivotal in assisting entrepreneurs in building and scaling early-stage companies.

Narayanan's knack for structuring and raising capital for growth companies across various sectors-including fintech, proptech, edutech, and deeptech -has made him an invaluable resource in the entrepreneurial community.

Patel Family Office

As Vice Chairman and Managing Partner at Patel Family Office, Narayanan has efficiently managed cash flow and resources, expanding the family’s traditional hospitality business into sustainable housing, healthcare, and the entrepreneurial space.

His risk-tolerance and adaptability are evident in the family office’s embrace of Web 3.0 technologies and deep technology businesses across four continents in over 200 companies. With $12 billion in assets under management, the family’s diverse portfolio is a testament to his visionary leadership.

Homz Global

As co-founder of Homz Global, Lakshmi Narayanan has orchestrated a groundbreaking initiative in the American real estate sector. Homz Global stands as the first nationwide housing company in the U.S., with a presence in 28 states and more than SO cities.

This ambitious $15 billion project is dedicated to developing 62,000 housing units across 7,500 acres, directly addressing the challenge of housing affordability in the U.S. The company’s approach is distinguished by its innovative financial model and a public-private partnership strategy, emphasizing the creation of wellness-focused and sustainable communi­ty living spaces, a testament to Narayanan’s visionary and strategic leadership in real estate.


As the Chairman of the Board at the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute (SWFI), Narayanan has pioneered several initiatives. Global Wealth Conference (GWC) brings together investment decision-makers and policy chiefs for thought leadership and networking to promote positive action.

SWFI Family Office Round Table (FORT) is an international platform focused on protecting generational wealth and promoting prosperity for the greater good. Global Order of Outstanding Disruptors (GOOD) Fellows recognizes and celebrates vision­ary leaders worldwide who use their influence, wealth, or celebrity status to foster global advancement and constructive change. The idea is to not only celebrate their achievements but also to motivate others to leverage their resources and influence to positively impact society as a whole.

3AI Holding

As the Chairman of 3AI Holding, the parent company of Ask Qx, a groundbreaking generative Al platform known for its unparalleled efficiency and native multilingual capabilities, Lakshmi Narayanan is leading a strategic overhaul in various key areas.

He has assumed a very hands-on role, and alongside his team, he is spearheading thorough market analysis and product development, focusing on innovation and attentively addressing customer needs. Narayanan has been actively participat­ing with his team in formulating and implementing global expansion strategies and leadership development.

Social Ventures and Global Perspective

Narayanan’s engagement in social ventures underscores his dedication to fostering holistic wellness. His proficiency in eight languages and experiences in over 60 countries reflect his expansive global perspective. This worldly outlook informs his approach to guiding teams and entrepreneurs, fueling their pursuit of purpose-driven goals. His leadership showcases a remarkable blend of financial acumen, innovative thinking, and effective communication, fostering environments conducive to positive societal and environmental impact.

Educational Background

Lakshmi Narayanan holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from India, a master’s degree in business management from the UK, and is a Certified Senior Executive Fellow of Harvard Kennedy Government School.